Slave to a Machine

Slave To A Machine
Slave To A Machine

Slave to a Machine’s release coincided with the release of update 2.1 to Kell and Preach’s Quoth mod, which included some cool new monsters such as Enforcer variants as well as a semi-bionic Ogre, with robotic strider legs. I added them to this map last-minute in truth, but I’m glad I did. This map is very much a sort of sci-fi horror map, set in a spooky industrial/tech themed base on a red planet. There is a feint red glow which is cast upon the roof of the complex as the sun perpetually sits on the skyline.

Filename: slave.bsp
Author: RickyT23
Build Time: Around 3 months 😛
Release Date: 28/03/2008
Download: Here
Reviews: Underworldfan’s, Tronyn’s Top 20: Base