(Dont Bite)
The Hand That Feeds You

(Don't Bite) The Hand That Feeds You
(Don't Bite) The Hand That Feeds You

After I had finished Three Towers and a Sick Base I changed my mapping style, or rather I tried to evolve my mapping style. I had recieved a lot of feedback from the mapping community and began to take some of the stronger points about balancing gameplay, map optimisations, brushwork techniques, and I also began using a more modern version of the Worldcraft editor than I had been using, which enabled a more efficient workflow due to a working texture lock feature.

What I ended up creating was “(Dont Bite) The Hand That Feeds You”, which is primarily in the traditional Quake 1 idbase texture theme, but I used some textures from other sources, including Kell’s fury.wad for a section of the map which is deep underground…

I think that this map is scaled much better than any of the maps I made before it, it also is lit with coloured lighting which was something I had never managed before.

Expect a fairly tough ride, with several different themes as you progress through the map. This is fairly linear but substantial. There are 306 enemies in the map on hard difficulty.

Filename: thehand.bsp
Author: RickyT23
Build Time: 3 Months
Release Date: December 16th 2007
Download: Here
Reviews: Erc’s Excellence, Underworldfan’s