Three Towers and a Sick Base

Three Towers and a Sick Base!
Three Towers and a Sick Base!

This is a map that I rushed out after I released Deja Vu. I was new to the scene and the feedback that I had received for my first release had inspired me to try and do better, and I made this map in a really short period of time.

In retrospect I guess I totally rushed it, it was way too hard in places and took a lot of time to vis properly due to complete lack of vis-blocking. I still kinda like it though. It’s also got some custom textures hidden in it inside a secret area. I created the textures with scans of some of my artwork from when I was at high school.

Filename: sickbase.bsp
Author: RickyT23
Build Time: 1 week + 1 week compile (!)
Release Date: 2007
Download: Here
Reviews: Underworldfan’s