About RickyT23

I picked the moniker “RickyT23” when I released my first Quake maps nearly a decade-and-a-half ago. It rhymes, I’ve just kinda stuck with it.

This website is just a hub for all of my creative projects, including but not limited to:

  • Quake maps
  • Youtube videos
  • Musical projects

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I have been uploading various types of video for years, I have plans to expand into retro game reviews, watch this space:

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I have recently started streaming! Head over to Twitch.tv and give me a follow, I would really appreciate it. My plan is to do retro gaming streams using my retro PC collection. I have been using VGA capture to capture gameplay from 3dfx Voodoo graphics cards, I love 90s shooters like Doom, Half-Life, Duke Nukem 3D and System Shock 2! Also anything from the Aliens universe is completely on the table….