Deja Vu! Singleplayer Quake 1 Episode

Deja Vu! Singleplayer Quake 1 Episode

Deja Vu! Singleplayer Quake 1 Episode

Deja Vu! Quake 1 Singleplayer Episode By RickyT23

Deja Vu!

"Deja Vu!" was my first official Quake 1 singleplayer release. It comprises of six small boxed maps. You can see how my mapping becomes more adventurous as the maps progress, but it was only after I released it to the public that I really began to learn how to make Quake 1 maps. This is because of the responses I recieved from the community, pointing out many of the episode's shortcomings. You can view the thread at Func_Msgboard, [Here].

I suppose I chose the name because I was aware that what I was doing was nothing that had'nt been done before. Same old Quake textures from the original game, a game which had spawned an out-of-control online community of enthusiastic gamers and mappers, and already had a large body of community-made maps.

This episode begins like many, with a start map where you can select your desired skill level. This is just a small base map, but keep an eye out for that first secret! The next map is a small tech-warehouse map which ends with you being sent deep underground....

Underground, after some exploration you discover creatures in captivity - before taking a freight-train out of there. The resulting map begins with an underground station, crates of lord-knows-what being transported around, fork lift trucks. You eventually come upon a Slipgate...

The next map is a larger base-map, which uses a system of keys for controlled progression. Getting tougher, this level features a fairly opressive sort of industrial-underground tunnel environment (definately inspired by ALIENS), before reaching another slipgate.

In the final map you arrive on another planet, and after fighting your way into another facility you are eventually equipped with a plasma-rifle, and engage in a climatic boss-fight.

I would estimate that the experienced player could run through these maps in no time at all, but I would certainly hope that those who seek for some casual gaming would enjoy this episode.

Vital Statistics


Build Time
Release Date
6 weeks
20th September 2007